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Citizen participation in democracy begins at the ballot box. But genuine elections – no matter how free and fair – are insufficient in ensuring that elected officials are accountable and responsive to… Read more »

Citizen engagement

Citizen engagement is what open government is all about. It underpins many of the other topics in this guide – with active citizenship often being a vital link between transparency… Read more »

Privacy and data protection

Privacy is an internationally recognised human right, enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the constitutions of more than 100… Read more »

Public contracting

Governments spend and receive vast sums of money —some US$9.5 trillion, a whopping 15% of global GDP— every year on deals to build infrastructure, deliver goods, and provide services to… Read more »

Public services

The provision of public services—such as health care, education, sanitation and criminal justice—is a key task for government. People care about public services and depend on them being delivered well…. Read more »

Right to information

Introduction Right to information legislation (RTI), also referred to as freedom of information or access to information laws, establishes a general presumption that all information held by government should be… Read more »

Open government data

Open Data is the idea that data should be freely available for everyone to access, use and republish as they wish, published without restrictions from copyright, patents or other mechanisms… Read more »