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Local government

Open gov, local gov From participatory budgeting in Porto Alegre to social audits in Andra Pradesh to tracking snow ploughs in Chicago,  many of the most iconic examples of open government innovation have been created… Read more »


The construction sector is responsible for building crucial infrastructure which contributes to positive economic and social outcomes including poverty reduction. Up to 30 percent of public budgets is spent on… Read more »


For aid to be effective it depends on: Donors and recipient governments (and institutions) being mutually accountable for commitments and results; Recipient governments and institutions being accountable to their own… Read more »

Extractive industry

Many resource-rich developing countries fail to realise the full development potential of their natural resources. This is especially acute in the case of oil, gas, and mineral resources.  Evidence from many… Read more »


Democratic elections serve two essential functions in any country: to provide the vehicle through which the people express their will as to who shall have the authority to govern; and… Read more »


Every year, governments collect and spend billions of dollars in taxpayer funds and citizens have a right to know how their governments are collecting and spending their money. Governments implement… Read more »

Records management

Managing official records as a basis for accountability and transparency is a systemic issue rather than an issue relating to any particular type of records.  A reliable and accessible evidence… Read more »


A well-functioning land sector can boost a country’s sustainable economic growth, foster social development, protect the rights of vulnerable groups and support environmental protection. However, weak governance of land and… Read more »