The Guide – all on one page

Date: 09th December 2013

The Open Government Guide so far includes 162 ‘Illustrative Commitments’ across 19 topics, ranging from initial steps to advanced and innovative steps.  Each commitment is supported with detailed guidance, and links to country examples and standards and guidance.  If you download it all in one document, it comes out to a hefty 399 pages.

But of course, the Guide is not designed as a book, to be read from cover to cover. You can browse the topics online, or download the information most relevant to you using the Report Builder.

But what if you want to get a really quick overview of the whole thing? Something like this:


Here are some versions of The Guide ‘to take away’

Excel Spreadsheet all the commitments, with links to the relevant online sections

List of topics, levels and commitments as a CSV file

Summary document of all topics (pdf) (61 pages)

Summary document of Cross Cutting Topics (pdf) (31 pages)