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Looking for your feedback on the Open Government Guide

Posted: December 10th 2015

Message from the team behind the Open Government Guide First of all, thank you for visiting the Guide today! We hope you have found what you were looking for and are pleased with this resource.… Read More

New Zealand allows free online access to land information

Posted: October 25th 2015

Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) is the government agency responsible for all national land information, including land titles, survey data, topographic and hydrographic information and all crown lands. All registry and cadaster data is maintained… Read More

The City of Montreal publishes open data related to municipal contract awards

Posted: October 23rd 2015

In 2015, the City of Montreal began publishing open data related to municipal contract awards. The files are pulled from municipal financial systems and published on the open data portal of the city ( In… Read More

Ukraine has launched a multi-stakeholder open contracting reform

Posted: October 23rd 2015

Ukraine launched a new pilot procurement system in February 2015. The system, called ProZorro, was initiated through a public-private partnership made up of government, civil society, and the private sector. The system is based on… Read More

Nepal has mapped public contracting data from development projects

Posted: October 23rd 2015

In Nepal, Development Gateway, Open Government Partnership and the Open Contracting Partnership have come together to support Nepal’s Public Procurement Monitoring Office in structuring and mapping contracting data from development projects. The visualization of contracting… Read More

The Tanzanian Records and Archives Management Act empowers the National Archives to set standards for managing public records

Posted: September 28th 2015

The law created the Tanzanian Records and Archives Management Department, expanding the role of the National Archives to provide for the administration and management of public records from their creation through to their preservation as… Read More

The National Archives of Malaysia has introduced an electronic records management and archives management policy

Posted: September 28th 2015

The National Archives has worked with departments and agencies from across the Government to develop policies, standards and practices, technical specifications and training plans to enable the Government of Malaysia to manage records in electronic… Read More

Finland is reviewing its laws and practices for managing records and data in relation to its goals for openness, public service management and digital governance

Posted: September 28th 2015

Finland views information management as an integral aspect of its approach to maximizing the opportunities for strengthening digital governance and enhancing openness, and it recognises the need to modernise its control regime.  It is in… Read More

Myanmar has developed an open source Aid Information Management System that enables the efficient tracking of aid projects

Posted: September 14th 2015

Mohinga – Myanmar’s open source Aid Information Management System (AIMS) – was launched in early 2015. By June, 2015, an estimated 80% of official development assistance to Myanmar had been recorded in Mohinga, tracking approximately 1,300… Read More

Bangladesh has developed a one-stop-shop for all aid related information

Posted: September 14th 2015

The Bangladeshi authorities have developed a home-grown Aid Information Management System (AIMS). Bangladesh AIMS acts as a one-stop-shop for all information related to development aid in Bangladesh and enables the tracking and effective management the… Read More