Montenegro has established an online petitioning system: the Citizens’ Voice e-Petitions platform

Submitted by: OGP Bright Spots

Launched in October 2012, Montenegro’s Citizens’ Voice e-Petitions platform enables citizens and permanent foreign residents in Montenegro to identify policy issue and propose solutions to the central government in the form of e-petitions. If an e-petition is supported by at least 6,000 online votes, the government undertakes to consider it as a formal policy motion.

In the first six months of the project, 21 e-petitions qualified for voting through Citizens’ Voice, two of which reached the threshold of 6,000 votes.

The platform was developed by the Government of Montenegro, in cooperation with the United Nations Development Programme Office in Montenegro, using the experiences of the UK government e-petitions platform ( , the US Government website “We the People” ( ) and the German Bundestag’s e-petition website (