Mexico has a comprehensive electoral code

Submitted by: National Democratic Institute for International Affairs

The Instiuto Federal Electoral (or Federal Electoral Institute (IFE)) is a special electoral prosecutor and a special electoral court to resolve disputes concerning federal elections in Mexico.

The Federal Transparency and Access to Public Government Information law applies to the IFE, which adds greater possibilities for transparency in federal elections, and the Constitution provides IFE with autonomy, which among other things allows it to negotiate its budget directly with the legislature.

The main directive body of the IFE is the General Council, consisting of nine members with a right to vote and to participate in debates, and additional members who have the right to participate in debates but who are not entitled to vote. The nine members of the General Council are elected through the vote of two thirds of the members in the Lower Chamber of the Congress, from among proposals put forward by the parliamentary groups of the same Chamber, after an open consultation.

As a requirement, the President Councillor and the Electoral Councillors must not have been registered as candidates for any elective post or have performed any directive position at a national or local level for a political party during the last four years prior to the designation.

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