Croatia publishes elections campaign finances online

Submitted by: OGP Bright Spots

In 2011, Croatia enacted the Political Activity and Election Campaign Finances Act. This law requires political parties to disclose detailed financial reports on political campaigns during the campaign period. It also requires parties to open a separate bank account for all financial transactions related to election campaigns to facilitate monitoring.

Croatia has recently taken additional steps to ensure that this law provides for maximum transparency by making all the collected campaign finance data available to the public through a searchable database. Every candidate is now required to fill out a form with certain details and submit it to the national or local Electoral Commission. Each donation and expenditure is identified and itemised, including the name and official registration number of each donor, discounts from the media, the amount of each donation and expenditures, and a general financial report. The Electoral Commission then forwards this to the Digital Information Documentation Office which in turn standardises the data for the database.

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