Canada’s electoral management body allows citizens to file complaints online

Submitted by: National Democratic Institute for International Affairs

Elections Canada is an independent, non-partisan agency that reports directly to Parliament. It is responsible for conducting election at all levels of government, administer political financing provisions, monitor compliance and enforce electoral legislation. It is also mandated to conduct voter education and information programmes, and provide support to the independent boundaries commissions in charge of adjusting the boundaries of federal electoral districts.

Elections Canada also has an Access to Information and Privacy Directorate within the commission itself, which is responsible for processing information requests in accordance with Canadian freedom of information legislation.

Elections Canada’s website  provides information on a broad range of election processes, including about methods for public scrutiny, information about lodging electoral complaints and historic election data, including turnout and results information. Its website also allows citizens to file complaints, presents definitions of electoral crimes and provides information about cases referred for prosecution.

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