Brazil’s e-Democracia platform allows citizens to comment on draft legislation

Submitted by: National Democratic Institute for International Affairs

In Brazil, the Chamber of Deputies’ e-Democracia platform uses new social media and technology tools to engage a range of actors in the legislative process. For example, it allows citizens to comment on draft legislation and see when their comments are incorporated into law.

The platform enables multiple modes of interaction for citizens and lawmakers, including:

  • Integration with Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail
  • Live chats between legislators and citizens
  • Interactive polling platform for different issues
  • Broadcasting for public hearings
  • “Video forums” for legislators.

The e-Democracia platform was launched in June 2009 and, as of August 2013, the portal had about 3,000 debates (forum threads), 17,400 contributions, and 27,400 registered participants.

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