The Philippines used an Advisory Council to enable a electronic vote counting to be introduced with confidence

Submitted by: National Democratic Institute for International Affairs

Prior to the Philippines’ nationwide transition to electronic counting for the 2010 elections, the national legislature mandated the created of the Commission on Elections Advisory Council, which consisted of nine members from government, academia, the IT community, and civil society.

The Advisor Council participated during all stages of the transition to the new technologies and provided oversight and recommendations to the Philippine’s Commission on Elections (COMELEC).  In particular, the  Council recommended the most appropriate, secure and cost-effective technology; observed and participated as non-voting members of the Special Bids and Awards Committee; participated as non-voting members of the steering committee that implemented the new system; planned and tested the technology; and conducted an evaluation of the new system after the election.

The Advisory Council has been cited as an important factor in building public trust and confidence during the transition.

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