Require that open data commitments apply to all organizations handling public data

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  • Advanced Step

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  • Sometimes


Governments often use third-party entities, contractors, and quasi-autonomous government agencies to carry out public services and generate, handle or research, government information, but the use of outside services should not obscure access to government information. Ensuring that open data is defined not solely as data held by the government but as information collected, stored, processed, or housed otherwise on behalf of the government ensures that public data is treated consistently.


  1. Communicate to agencies, and contractors about the role and value of open government data.
  2. Integrate open data requirements into grants and contracts with quasi-governmental agencies and other similar actors, such as multi-state agencies, government-sponsored entities, publicly-funded universities, and self-regulatory organizations should release.
  3. Specify open data formats and disclosures in contracts with private sector providers.
  4. Employ open source solutions whenever possible to enable sharing.

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