Publish the national power development plan along with supporting documents

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Access to the national power development plan, as well as documents relating to the technical, economic, social and environmental assumptions that inform the plan is crucial to allow the public to understand proposed future investments in the power sector.

The documents also provide a window into how public funds are being used to meet national objectives that depend on the power sector, such as economic growth, increased access to electricity and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. The assumptions underpinning the plan allow the public to understand how the relative costs and benefits of different types of resources (fossil fuels, renewable resources, energy efficiency) are being considered.

The public must have access to these documents in order to understand how power will be supplied, how much is needed and how much it will cost. Since these documents are technically complex, sufficient time needs to be allowed for analysis. Civil society organisations with the appropriate technical expertise should also have enough time to prepare non-technical presentations and to organise public information forums to explain the plan in terms that can be understood by all citizens.



  • At a minimum, the plan should be posted on the department of energy website.
  • More robust transparency would include a timeline of the decision-making process, together with the key actors that will be participating in this process, including public disclosure of the members of advisory committees.