Partner with external groups to enhance citizen participation with parliament

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  • Intermediate Step

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  • No


In recent years, citizens around the world have begun to develop innovative tools and applications to improve understanding and use of parliamentary and other government information. These emerging tools can help citizens recognize where legislative amendments have been drafted by private companies, visualize the legislative process, and connect citizens to their representatives to promote constructive dialogue. The emergence of parliamentary monitoring organizations (PMOs) as a community of civic developers that can help support innovation in the use of parliamentary information and forge partnerships with parliaments has been recognized in the IPU’s Social Media Guidelines and the joint IPU-UN Global Parliamentary Report.


  1. Sign memoranda of understanding with civil society or parliamentary monitoring organizations to collaborate in improving parliamentary openness.
  2. Host parliamentary hackathons and other events aimed at harnessing technology for the exploration of parliamentary data.
  3. Create transparency advisory committees that enable citizens to engage parliamentarians on issues related to transparency and openness.
  4. Integrate new operational models for interacting with third parties.

Standards & Guidance