Establish measures to safeguard administrative impartiality and provide training and access to information about them

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Where the foundation is established for impartial and effective election administration, including public access to election related information, confidence in the election process must be reinforced to assure the public and electoral contestants that administrative impartiality is being protected. Safeguards against the effects of conflicts of interest, whether economic or political, and other forms of corruption are central to maintaining electoral integrity, and public disclosure of information about those safeguards is essential for maintaining public confidence.   


  1. Publish clear requirements for all government personnel (including EMB personnel) concerning avoidance of conflicts of interest and management of potential conflicts of interest (economic, political and otherwise) that could undermine electoral integrity, disseminate them to all personnel and appoint an ethics officer to whom questions about such requirements should be directed.
  2. Promulgate for EMB personnel and other government employees whose work affects election processes clearly defined restrictions on accepting gifts (including subsidized trips) from vendors, other companies (both international and domestic) and politicians, and include meaningful sanctions for non-compliance with the restrictions.
  3. Require disclosure of personal financial assets of members of EMBs and key senior administrative EMB personnel.
  4. Promulgate protections against firing or other retributions for persons who lodge complaints or otherwise in good faith make known to the public information concerning wrongdoing by any governmental official or employee that would likely subvert the integrity of elections.
  5. Establish training programs for personnel of EMBs and all governmental institutions that play important roles in electoral processes (including law enforcement and prosecutor offices) at all levels concerning legal framework provisions, right to information requirements, access to justice mechanisms, complaint procedures and remedies, conflict of interests, gift restrictions, asset disclosure and other accountability measures relevant to electoral integrity.

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