Develop a strategic plan for consumer protection

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  • Innovative Step

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  • No


A Strategic Plan is a useful tool for enabling countries to plan and implement programmes which build on the infrastructure for consumer protection. The Strategic Plan for consumer protection should set out a national vision, a programme of legislation, and define the roles of different agencies in consumer protection. The Plan should be developed in consultation with relevant stakeholders.


The Strategic Plan should be led by the lead agency involved with consumer protection but should involve all relevant agencies as well as consumers’ organisations and other relevant stakeholders. Key steps are to:

  1. Prepare an analysis of country context.
  2. Agree on objectives and key policy issues to be addressed.
  3. Prioritise goals. The most useful plans are succinct and easily translated into useful measures.
  4. Design and sequence delivery strategies on the basis of an assessment of the likelihood of success within the required time scale.
  5. Devolve operational planning to delivery agencies. While overall goals and strategic direction need to be agreed as part of a National Policy Framework, operational planning should be devolved to selected delivery agencies, to be developed through stakeholder dialogue within agreed time scales.
  6. Convene an open forum to present and discuss the draft plan.