Demand information from donors in line with the IATI standard (recipients)

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  • Intermediate Step

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  • No


In order to facilitate the domestic budget and planning process, recipient governments should demand all aid information from all donors to be published in line with the IATI standard. Timely data in this common standard would not only allow for better coordination of resources but may also reduce the burden in recipient countries of aligning aid information to domestic spending.

IATI pilots are being conducted to better understand what the practicalities are for recipients using donors’ IATI information. This provides an opportunity for recipient governments to inform donors of their information needs.


  1. Engage in the ongoing discussions on shaping the IATI standard to meet partner countries needs.
  2. Engage with donors and request that all aid spent in-country is published in line with the IATI standard and can be mapped against their own budget codes.
  3. Participate in pilot projects where donor spending and domestic spending are mapped against each other using the recipient’s budget codes.

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